UPS Sale Service

You may be having need to setup your Data centre or Industry. You might have to setup your hospital, clinics or bank offices you just cannot do without UPS. It is a major part of the infrastructural need for any growing as well as established businesses. UPS gives an un-interrupted power supply to your costly & sophisticated equipments and system units. It also saves your units from spikes and other power issues.

While planning the budget for any setup, mostly the planners goof up, considering UPS as a non entity, not worth considering an issue. However when they learn about the cost of a unit of online ups, their first reaction is very interesting to note. Online ups provides pure sign wave current from batteries to the computers/ equipments and make them function smoothly.



Inverter Battery

If you are living in a city where power cuts and fluctuations are a common occurrence, then buying an inverter is no option for you. Inverters not only keep the basic functioning of your products on but also increase the life of your electronic appliances by saving them from the frequent fluctuations. Several brands have their inverters and battery models available these days for varied uses. Some of the most preferred brands of inverters include Exide, Luminous, Microtek, and so on. These inverters are meant for both homes and offices. When purchasing an inverter battery online, it is important to keep the usage of the inverter in mind to understand the power voltage you will require to meet your needs and requirements.


All Brand Stabilizer automatic voltage stabilizers for home use are based on SAVE POWER Technology, and have many Unique Features which enable them to give High Performance, Better Reliability and SAVE Electricity.

Brand Stabilizer has complete Range of Energy Efficient Digital Voltage Stabilizers for Air-conditioners with various working Input Range, suitable for all kinds of Power and Voltage Conditions. All Stabilizers for AC's also have Smart Time Delay feature, which gives breathing space & Stabilizes the Power supplying to the Load, hence increases the Life of Appliances.




We Provide All Brand Led TV Repair Service in Indirapuram Ghaziabad & Noida. It’s hard to find a house without a television. It is that one inescapable entertainment electronic that is most commonly used by all age groups and a home somehow feels missing without one. You can watch video content across multiple subjects such as news, entertainment, education, music, culture, and sports.

With more and more ways of watching television these days, there are newer versions of the all-rounder television, such as smart TV’s, android TV and the LCD’s have a newer upgrade in the form of LED TV.

Home Appliance Repair Service

Why Needs Of Home Appliances Repair At Doorstep? In a city like Ghaziabad, Noida & nearby NCR where the summer usually starts during the march and ends by mid of Sept. The temperature in the city remains up to 35-48 degrees Celsius, especially in May & June. Home appliances & kitchen appliances become a necessary part of our daily life in summer. working capacity, productivity 24/7 decreases automatically these can be humans or electronic gadgets.

Electronic gadgets should always be serviced by on-job experienced, expert professionals & skilled person. Small gadgets can be serviced easily by carrying to stores but big size can not. Such items Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Ice Freezer, Electric Geyser, Gas Geyser, Washing Machine, Washer, Dryer, Rangehood, Electric Chimney, Hob, Water Purifier, Air Purifier, Dishwasher, Microwave-Oven, Tv, etc can not always be shifted and these need to be serviced at your doorstep. Repairing these items requires a lot of our expert, well-trained professionals. As there would be a lot of operations take place in appliances which is not an easy task for everyone to fix them.

All parts of appliances must cooperate for the system to function properly. This is why taking care of even the most minor issues sooner than later is important. Charan Tech is the best repair service provider for household and kitchen appliances in Ghaziabad, Noida, and nearby NCR Which provides repair service for appliances from the on-job experienced, expert, professionals & skilled persons at your convenient date & time with competitive low price in the market.